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Our vision is to be a leading organisation for the creation of play opportunities and alternative approaches to education, promoting positive childhood experiences in rural Wales and beyond.



Our mission is to make children's lives better. Create Play is committed to realising a contemporary understanding of the needs of our children and developing play related activities, services and events which promote health and happiness, with particular focus around rural Mid Wales. To actualise new and innovative models of practice and delivery, promote positive experiences of childhood, and to be a widely-known and loved epicentre of fun, creation and support in the private play sector.


Create play was originally established in 2017 as a private enterprise by founder Ben Webb.

Following the overwhelming success of the Outdoor Nursery project and the subsequent demand for other projects targeting the whole local community; a mix of broad ages and backgrounds in Llandrindod & Radnorshire, we decided we would be able to provide greater support to our communitity, also offering greater opportunity for participation by entering into a social contract with our community and becoming a Community Interest Company. We did this to ensure transparency and a foundation of trust for our users and to provide us with a higher profile and greater network to achieve social aims, particularly in our capacity to partner with other organisations.


We operate as a collective of playworkers, teachers, trainers, funding consultants, artists and play consultants working out of Mid Wales.

Create Play aims to be a resilient and creative business offering a number of services for children and parents. We are responsive to the needs we see in our community and the gaps we see in current provision


We value the foundation that a healthy childhood gives to a successful life. We support the need for children to play, be part of nature and enjoy a time free from the early commercialisation of

We empower our young people by developing mutual respect, championing a culture of trust and faith in the individual to understand their own intrinsic motivation and needs.

While many parts of life can be serious, there should still be room for playfulness. We believe in doing things simply because they are fun and that our enjoyment will enrich our work.

We want to sit at the forefront of current theory and practice. We are willing to take risks and to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences in order to create positive change and drive new understanding.

We understand our value in the community, our impact and our responsibilities. We are committed to ensuring we provide the best service, cause no unnecessary harm, use our platform to inspire and implement solutions.


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