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Our vision is for an emotionally nurturing learning environment where children can flourish as whole people and achieve success and excellence from strong foundations in a wide range of skills.

Ashfield Outdoor Nursery provides a unique setting which gives children the chance to engage and connect with the natural world. We offer care, fun, adventure and learning in the great outdoors, delivering positive educational and life experiences allow children to explore, understand, play and create in a self-directed environment. Our focus is on using nature’s playground to nurture the innate passion and intrinsic motivation of each child, allowing individuals to walk away with great stories and a bold new understanding of the kinds of things they are capable of.

It’s wild, hands-on and creative at our ambitious outdoor childcare setting designed to nurture and enrich the lives and opportunities of local children and families, raise aspirations and self-worth of individuals and add diversity to the culture of childcare in Powys.


If you have any questions or would like to arrange to come and look around then please get in touch.

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