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We bring together passion and experience to create a unique play setting for children. We focus on nurturing the individual and helping them work with the group in nature to allow them to feel confident, enabled and safe.


Community Interest Company

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Ben Webb


Ben has been working with children and young people in a variety of settings for the past 15 years, but found his passion in play and playwork. He is a strong believer in alternative education models which enable children to experience a rich childhood, values diversity of intelligence and puts social and emotional well-being at its core. He is a trained Forest School Leader, playwork trainer and has also worked in various strategic and grassroots community play development roles and continues to advocate for child-led outdoor play opportunities. His two amazing children were the inspiration for the Outdoor Nursery project.


Jess Wallington


Jess has a PGCE in primary education with early years, outdoors education focus and several years experience of teaching in the Foundation Phase. She decided to train as a teacher after completing a degree in Development Studies and working for a number of years as a Youth Worker, Play Leader and Play Ranger. Working in an outdoors nursery is Jess’ dream job and combines her belief in the benefits of being in nature for learning and development with her love of early years. As a practitioner, Jess takes a relationships based approach which is influenced by her respect for the intrinsic value of play and the magic of childhood. In her spare time, Jess enjoys cycling, swimming and hiking in the hills and mountains of Wales as well as trying new adventurous activities.


Ellen Blair

Session Leader

Ellen has worked with children in one capacity or another for most of her life. She has four children and four grandchildren. Ellen is a strong advocate for children’s rights and a firm believer in child-led and freely chosen play. Ellen understands the importance of play and the impact the quality of play experiences have on your child’s development. She says “Childhood is a time for excitement, adventure , exploration and experimentation, serious fun.” Ellen holds diplomas in Childcare and Education, Playwork and Forest School and she is able to draw strands from each of these disciplines to create a nurturing and exciting environment for children to have a jolly happy time as they continue their learning journey gaining confidence, self-esteem and resilience

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If you are interested in working with us then please get in touch – we are always looking to build our network.

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